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Jackson Chameleons

Jackson’s Chameleons are a docile species that are great for all levels of reptile keepers. The males have three brown horns on their face, giving them a “mini-triceratops” look.

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Other Animal Facts




Generally bright green with traces of blue and yellow


Needs a basking spot of about 90°F, with an ambient temperature of 60-80°F


Can be gently handled, but like other chameleons they are best suited to being watched for their fun colors and antics.


Eats live crickets, wax worms, houseflies, and other small insects. Only feed wild caught insects if you are sure they are pesticide-free.


House alone in a screen cage, with non-toxic plants and branches for climbing.

Size & Lifespan

Adults are 8-10 inches (male) and 7-8 inches (female). Can live 8-10 years (male) and 4-5 years (female).