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Pink Toe Tarantula

Pink Toe Tarantulas get their name from the pink tips on each of their legs. Their quiet demeanor, small space requirements, and ease of care make them a great option for an exotic pet. They like to climb and will often spin webs high above their tank floor.

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Other Animal Facts


South America


Dark Brown and Black, with Pink tips on their legs


Temperature should stay between 78-82°F


While mostly a display pet, these tarantulas can be handled with care.


Eats mainly crickets and other live insects.


Pink Toes are an arboreal species, so the height of your enclosure is more important than the length or width. A 12”x12”x18” should provide enough space for an adult.

Size & Lifespan

Adults have a leg span of 3.5-5 inches. Can live up to 10 years.