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Asian Forest Scorpion

Asian Forest Scorpions are a very common scorpion kept as a pet and are found in Asian Tropical forests. They are more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. We recommended they be housed alone due to their aggressive nature. Asian Forest Scorpions will become defensive and protect themselves with their pincers when they feel threatened.

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Other Animal Facts


India, Indonesia, & Malaysia


Dark Brown to Black


Up to about 7 years




These scorpions enjoy crickets or mealworms. Babies eat pinhead crickets or other small insects while adults eat crickets, other large insects, and an occasional pinkie mouse. Adults may drink from a shallow, wide water dish.


Temperature and Lighting: The enclosure should maintain a temperature of 75 to 90° F with a humidity 78 to 82%. You should also provide an under-tank heat pad on one side of the tank for your scorpion.

Size & Lifespan

Asian forest scorpions tend to be a more aggressive species but most commonly defend themselves with their pincers rather than their stinger. Generally speaking this species is better to be viewed rather than handled, but could be in short intervals at your own risk.