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Dwarf Caiman

Caimans have an air of mystery; they are at once cool, calculating, and lazily dreamy. Smooth-fronted Caimans tend to be more tame than their crocodilian cousins, making them a unique and intriguing pet.

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Other Animal Facts


Amazon and Orinoco river basins in South America


Greyish-brown, with medium brown eyes


Needs a basking spot of 90-95°F, and an ambient temperature of 65-85°F


Over time, regularly handling your Caiman will lead to a relatively calm and tame pet. However, individual temperaments vary.


Eats live pinkie mice, crickets, superworms, and other insects. Feeder fish can be kept in their enclosure at all times.


Needs a large habitat with room to swim and submerge, dry areas to explore, and a basking spot.

Size & Lifespan

Adults are about 5 feet (male) and 4 feet (female). Can live 30-50 years.