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Argentine Black And White Tegu

It is the largest of all Tegu species. They are among the most intelligent and highly adapted of all living lizards.


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Other Animal Facts


Found in south America


Black and White


The inhabit forest - edge savannahs and adjacent rain forests. They are largely terrestrial; and spend copious amounts of time in deep burrows.


Typically calm demeanor.


Omnivores. Appropriately sized insects, high calcium fruits, and hairless rodents may be offered sparingly. A balanced dietary supplement can be created using raw, ground turkey, Whole eggs (with shell), and bone meal.


Need custom built enclosures of 19ft x 3ft. Bark or Mulch type beddings are recommended. substrate should be deep. Ambient temperatures should be between 80-90°%, Humidity between l0-80%.

Size & Lifespan

Typically live 15-20 Years