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Fat Tailed Gecko

Fat Tailed Geckos are becoming an increasingly popular pet, due to their calm personalities and striking color morphs. They are one of only a few species of geckos that have eyelids, which help keep their eyes clean in their dusty natural environment.

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Other Animal Facts


Deserts in West Africa


Pale tan or brown, accented by bolder tan, brown, or white stripes


Needs a basking spot of 90°F, and an ambient temperature of 70-80°F


Fat Tailed Geckos have docile dispositions and are open to being handled.


Eats mainly crickets and mealworms.


Can house alone or in groups (as long as there is no more than one male) in a standard aquarium.

Size & Lifespan

Adults are about 9 inches in length. Can live 15-20 years.